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A brand experienced team that understands business and marketing. We are business-minded individuals that understand the ultimate objective of your business is to drive sales while establishing and growing your companies brand.


Harkins Branding Co. An all-inclusive experience for all your business needs when it comes to the world of marketing. We are a passion driven team that takes great pride in our relationships, work, and results. Being able to do what we are passionate about everyday has given us tremendous amounts of motivation, dedication and resilience in this always changing world and industry. We base our success on the success of others that we have the opportunity to work with.

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Passion is where it all starts. It powers the hard work, determination, innovation and creativity that helps us transform our ideas into results. Passion correlates to our teams desire and capacity to go above and beyond to achieve superlative outcomes.

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We create a strategy that sets the direction and roadmap. A detail plan on how ideas will come to life. Outlining a company’s goal and how we can help achieve it.

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Once we determine and understand the strategy, we can focus on the design. The creative and visual aspect of a business is very important to have. This is what creates memorable and emotional connections with your customers.

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Guided by the strategy and design, we work to make all the necessary elements to bring your business and marketing needs to life.

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Success for us is results for you. The success of what we do comes from achieving your business objectives from ROI, implementing a new brand strategy to product launching, from online marketing to developing a social media presence with your brand, creating events and experiential marketing, expanding your consumer base and increasing your visibility and profitability.

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